a home for dissent

If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.

- John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

In a society where censorship is the norm, where can you turn for thought-provoking books that address difficult topics? By 2015, founder and author Helen O’Neil was ready to take a stand. She dreamed of a platform for exploring controversial topics in a sensitive, nuanced way - a way that honored the spirit of dissent while paying tribute to the values that make freedom and human rights possible.

Grey Priestess Press was born from this dream. We publish fiction and nonfiction by multiple authors on a wide variety of subjects, including:

  • Disability
  • Freedom
  • Human Rights
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Dissent
  • Spirituality
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Human Sexuality
  • Apocalyptic and Dystopic Themes

Grey Priestess Press is based on a foundation of free inquiry - we view no line of thought as lacking in merit, and value ReA-SON (Ra, the Sun God and director of life and consciousness) and logic as the primary tools with which to assess theories and ideals. We combine this methodology with the rich meditative potential of intuitive thought, or contemplation. We view reason as dangerous when undirected by the powerful inner compass of intuition, and we believe that a felt connection to the silence within is the only guide to true revelation.

The steady habit of correcting and completing [a person’s] own opinion by [considering] those of others... is the only stable foundation for a just reliance on [that opinion]: for... knowing that [a person] has [controlled] for objections and [differences], instead of avoiding them, and has shut out no light which can be thrown upon the subject from any quarter - [that person] has a right to think their judgment better than that of any [other]... who has not gone through a similar process.

-John Stuart Mill, On Liberty