a place for mystics

Grey Priestess Abbey was formed in 2017 to meet the needs of aspiring monastics whose needs go unaddressed by organized religion. In this day and age, many people of all races, genders and religions are feeling the call to pursue an earthier, more holistic way of life. Pulled towards essential oils, organic herbs, ancient scriptures and candles, we are seeking substance, balance and authenticity.

The Abbey is a sangha, or spiritual community, of mystics, witches and monks who are engaged in ecstatic mindful living. We believe that meaning is found in selfless service to sacred duty, and our lives are consumed with the need to serve. Through regular phone calls, Google+ groups, and other tools, we share knowledge and encourage each other on the path towards integrity. We support each other in daily spiritual practice and help guide each other professionally.

We also seek to cultivate ecstatic living through secular pleasures which are traditionally denied to monastics. We encourage each other to pair self-denial with the choice to honor our flesh as sacred, as body temples which should be nurtured and celebrated. Our monastic practices include tantra, yoga, feasting, mood-altering substances like CBD and chakra elixirs, luxury and art. Like Shakyamuni Buddha, we practice the Middle Way - neither asceticism nor hedonism.

To learn more about Grey Priestess Abbey, visit us at https://greypriestessabbey.com