alienated from our desires

Sexual desire is the most powerful driver of our society. The urge to conquer fathomless depths and wreak something pure and true from them is as old as the human spirit, and existed even before gender did. Desire is the timeless longing to experience the Self through the eyes of another, to know love through the devotion of a soul who sees more good in us than bad.

Human sexuality can heal the spirit, sustain the universe, and act as a joyous celebration of all that is sacred in us. When respectfully engaged in, sexuality is miraculous in its ability to repair our wounds and create a happier society. And yet, today, humans seem to be engaged in a riotous rebellion against everything that represents healthy, restorative sexuality. 

Instead of engaging in soul-driven, holistic relationships that foster personal growth, we chase after high-status mates who feed our egos and satisfy our perpetual need for attention. In the process, we develop rigid neuroses that inform what arouses us and what we need to be happy. Often, we are confused about what arouses us and why, and guilt-ridden to boot.

We are haunted by the rigid injunctions of the Church, which pressures us to follow a very specific agenda that pathologizes many forms of healing union. At the same time, we live in a libertine modern society that pathologizes many of the traditional practices which have sustained humanity for generations. Caught between the legalism of the Church and the hedonism of the media, many people are confused about how to live a healthy sexual life, or why we should.

In short, we are alienated from our true sexual desires, the ones that harmonize with our highest selves, and mired in a pit of lust and insecurity. In a sense, we have never been able to experience our true sexual desires. We have been socialized so that the qualities which arouse us most on a soul level, the ones which are spiritual (and not necessarily physical, financial or professional), bring up deep conflicting feelings in our psyches.

In fact, sexuality is powerfully tied to deep ego conflicts within us, conflicts that direct much of our behavior, thought and direction. To express the entirety of our sexuality, our attraction to individuals along nearly every spectrum of ability and appearance, is deeply threatening to society. Likewise, our sexual orientation, the strong preferences we have for certain types of sexual partners, is also deeply threatening to society. Basically, who we are is deeply threatening to society.

We cannot be healed until we take the time to stop, listen, and honor the many strains of arousal that thread themselves through our psyches. Grey Priestess Press is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance and methodology of healing sexuality. We celebrate the voices of poets, novelists and authors who have chosen to explore sexuality in all its forms. We hold no form of sexuality unilaterally taboo, and seek to heal people of all sexual orientations and persuasions through our work.